19 April 2011

Key West & Drass, S'Arenal beach San Antonio Bay

A submerged motorboat was also removed
as part of the cleanup operation.
Over the last couple of years many thousands of visitors to San Antonio Bay must have wondered about the two beached boats Drass and Key West.

The fishing boat Drass lay on the sand at S'Arenal for nearly three years after being shipwrecked, the owners refused to pay for the recovery and after much deliberation it was finally removed in March 2011. The cleanup operation that also saw the removal of a submerged motor boat and a small concrete jetty could not be completed after courts in Barcelona and Naples declared that the Italian registered luxury yacht Key West must not be disposed of due to an ongoing drug smuggling case.

Key West will remain where it is to appear in many more holiday snapshots during the 2011 summer season  When it is eventually removed by the authorities the operation is expected to cost in excess of €50,000.

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